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Parasite Deep Dive
Under a microscope, cancer and parasite eggs sacs look identical.

Almost all health conditions improve with anti-parasitics.

Why Rockefeller Medicine does not tell us this? Cancer is a billion dollar industry. There is no money for them when you are healthy. Also see our Cancer-Parasite-Autoimmune Connection page.

Parasites are a MAJOR cause in ALL disease.

Why We Get Overrun with PARASITES? PART 1. Angela Stinson.
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Why We Get Overrun with PARASITES? PART 2. Angela Stinson.
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Dr. Ed Group. Morley Robbins.

Dr. Ed Group on Parasites.
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Morley Robbins on Parasites.
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Find your perfect mix of anti-parasite protocols.

Best parasite healing protocols include: Dr. Group's Paratrex, Hydrogen Peroxide, Chlorine Dioxide, Low-dose Ivermectin, Low-dose Fenbendazole. Easy, natural start? Many foods and herbs are natural anti-parasitics.

Important: dosages are highly individual. Start with a lower dose than recommended. Give your body time to adjust. Cycle on and off, meaning take a low dose, then give you body 2-3 days of adjustment time before starting the next low dose. If needed, work your way up to a higher dose over time. Start Morley Robbins' TheRootCauseProtocol.

Dr. Lee Merritt. Cancer & Parasite Eggs

When I look at a parasite egg sack under the microscope and I see cancer under the microscope, they look identical. ~ Anonymous Oncologist

Covid-Vax is Virus or Parasite? How to Protect Yourself.
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Covid-Vax is Micro-Parasite? DIY Parasite Protocol Details.
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Mike Adams & Ed Group on Nano Parasites

HRR. Dr. Ed Group and Mike Adams discuss secrets of SYNTHETIC PARASITES and what works to eliminate them.

Synthetic Nano Parasites
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Parasite Deep Dive: Drs. Lee Merritt, Jason Dean and Courtenay Turner

Dangerous Dames | Ep.17: ViroLIEgy & The Cancer/Parasite Connection

Cancer & Parasites Deep Dive
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