Vid Archive: 2022-A Jan to June

* Please note You.Tube is actively cen$oring and some videos may not be available. Please check Bitchute, Rumble, Brighteon, Odysee.

Jim Willie. June Update. June 2022. Talk Digital Network. Stay Informed! Direct Link

Wealthion Housing Market Update. June 2022.

Adam Taggart interviews Nick Gerli.Direct Link

Coffeezilla, Celsius Scam. June 2022.

A deep dive on the Celsius Scam. Folks, be careful with the yield chasing. Especially with the crypto derivatives. Be careful with the wrapped coins. Be careful out there in CryptoLand. Direct Link.
June 2022. Bitcoin Analysis. Direct Link.
CoffeeZilla, Terra Luna Attack
June 2022. How Luna Collapsed. The Terra Luna (LUNA) cryptocurrency and the UST stablecoin collapse explained. $100B George Soros style attack? You decide. Direct Link.
Mike Maloney, Housing Bubble Update
May 2022. Home Prices Set For MASSIVE Correction - Bubble Update #2 Direct Link.
Xavier Becerra, Jab Killing People of Color
May 2022. HHS Secretary, Xavier Becerra: We know that vaccines are killing people of color...blacks, latinos, indigenous people, at about two times the rate of white Americans Direct Link.
May 2022. Kitty Martone interviews Morely Robbins, Health Researcher Extraordinaire! Health is all about bio-available copper and retinol. Excess iron causes pre-mature aging and disease. Direct Link and
Dr. William Davis, SuperGut. April 2022.
L. Reuteri for Longevity. | Dr. William Davis, author of SuperGut. L. Reuteri Yogurt for Health and Longevity. Direct Link.
Jim Willie, Ukraine and World Events
PatriotUnderground2021 interviews the intrepid geo-political statistical expert, Jim Willie. Ukraine Sitrep. Cabal's Pockets Picked. Trump and Putin Roles In Targeting Cabal Wealth. Germany Turns Away from USD. Azov Battalion Ethnic Cleansing. Will The Cabal Attempt To Escalate With False Flag Events? Food Shortages. Direct Link.
Ken Rohla, Grow Super Sprouts with Ormus. April 2022.
Ken Rohla. Grow Massive Nutrient-Dense Sprouts with Ormus & Scalar Energy. Direct Link.
UNhealthy Wheat? April 2022. | Dr. William Davis, author of SuperGut. What's wrong with Gliaden? Fast Forward to 16 minutes. Wheat: The UNhealthy Whole Grain - The Problem with Gliadin Protein and Opioid Receptors = Appetite stimulation and Joint Inflammation. Direct Link.
Tom Luongo, Real News from The Ukraine. March 2022.
What is going on in the Ukraine and why? You know a man by both his friend and his enemies. ~ Tom Luongo. All the bad people hate Putin. Soros hates Putin. Hilary hates Putin. Klaus Schwab hates Putin. Direct Link.

Kiev Analysis

UkraineWarExplained. March 2022.

GonzaloLira. Fast forward to 30 minute mark. Part 1 The False Flag Will Happen In Kiev. Very intelligent geo-political analysis. A must listen. Direct Link | Part 2 | Part 3.

BTC Nosedive, then ATH?


Trade like a Whale. BTC: first a crash and then next all time highs (ATH) by summer? Bitcoin Broke Down From Its Triangle Within 24 Hours as Predicted! BTC Next Stop 30K Triangle Target Direct Link March 2022.

Who is Klaus Schwab?


Is Klaus Schwab the Most Dangerous Man in the World? I will own everything and I will be very happy. You are just a hackable animal. ~ Klaus Direct Link March 2022.

Who is Trudeau?


6 Facts About Trudeau That'll Make Your Blood BOIL! I just really adore dictatorships! ~ Justin Direct Link March 2022.

War Hype Analysis

Underground Remnant

The Errors of Globalism - Russia, Ukraine, and the Suicide of the West. Direct Link March 2022.

Potential BTC bottom for 2022

Optical Art

BTC bottoms at the middle to end of March? Fast forward to 7 minutes. Direct Link March 2022.

Best Ukraine Analysis

Coach Red Pill

Best analysis from boots on the ground in Kiev, Ukraine. What Russia Wants From Its Invasion of Ukraine - and Why ZelenskyIsEvil. Capture vs Conquest. Massive Russian air dominance. Russia owns the skies over Ukraine. Why theMenAreFleeingKiev. Western media misinterpretation of Russian chess moves. Direct Link March 2022.

How Is This Legal?!

Neil McCoy-Ward

Remember that thing called Freedom of Speech? Undercover Recording. I Can't Believe The BANK FROZE My Accounts! Anyone donating to TheFreedomConvoy was labeled as aiding and abetting a terrorist?! HitlerTrudeau weaponizes banks to freeze accounts of anyone donating to TheFreedomConvoy?! Direct Link March 2022.

Market Overview

X22 Report / Kudla

Bob Kudla give overview of stocks, bitcoin, metals markets. Ukraine, oil markets. The [CB] tipped their hands in Canada and showed their true agenda. US midterms. Direct Link Feb 2022.

Blackrock Bombshell


Former BlackRock portfolio manager, Edward Dowd. BlackRock Whistleblower Who Predicted the Crash of Moderna Breaks New Bombshell Information. Direct Link Feb 2022.

FED Update

Economic Ninja

Fed FUD Emergency Meeting Monday. What's it all about? Direct Link Feb 2022.

Econ Ninja Update

Economic Ninja

Meet Kevin Paffrath Quits Youtube & Calls For Market Crash (He Is Right). Direct Link Feb 2022.

300% Increase in VaxCancer

Stew Peters

Military Vaxx Data Rocks DC. Catastrophic Injury Toll. Substantial data showing...for example, Miscarriages increase by 300% over the 5 year average, almost. We saw almost 300% increase in cancer over the 5 year average.... Over 1000% increase in neurological problems. Soldiers who were perfectly healthy are now battling heart problems. Direct Link Feb 2022.

Canada Truck Convoy Update

Michael Jaco

Truckers are turning the tide of corruption as ministers drop mandates across Canada. US soon. Direct Link Feb 2022.

FED Analysis

Michael Oliver

First 2 minutes summarizes FED conundrum and potential effects. Direct Link Jan 2022.


Clif High

What is devolution? Listen to this brilliant summary by the Guru of predictive forecasting. Direct Link Jan 2022.

Fauci Lied Under Oath

Project Veritas

Military Documents about Gain of Function contradict Fauci testimony under oath #ExposeFauci. Bravo James O'Keefe! Direct Link Jan 2022.

The Quiet War

Clif High / Rodriguez

A discussion of all things geo-political.Direct Link Jan 2022.

The Boulder Attack

Jaco / Unleashing Intuition

Colorado town gets hit with HAARP, DEW's, Chemtrails and 5G as fires explode on nearly 1000 homes. Weather Modification Timeline | Direct Link Jan 2022.

Bitcoin Drop Coming?

70% drop is still a possibility! Fibi and trend line analysis.Direct Link Dec 2021.

Crypto Update

Is BTC going up or down? What do the fibi cycles say? Epic CRASH is coming? After that, all time HIGHS. Get ready for a rollercoaster ride. Direct Link Dec 2021.

What You Don't Know About The War in Ukraine


Follow the war pattern. Who goes in and killsStealsDestroys? Of course they say they are there for humanitarianReasons. Follow theHand, not theMouth. Direct Link March 2022

2019 BidenFamily$$$ in the Ukraine

Ukraine Press Release

Part of the Ukraine war problem? This is old news in the Ukraine. 1 minutes, 30 second mark. Ukraine News Agency 2019 Ukraine press conference announces: Evidence of withdrawal through financial holes of millions of dollars stolen from the Ukrainian people, laundered with the help of banks and laundromats in various jurisdictions and their subsequent transfer to the accounts of the company belonging to the Biden family. Direct Link and More Feb 2022

Message to Canadians

Canada Walk-Out

Canadian Truckers: no more work until Trudeau is removed by his party and mandates are revoked. Direct Link Feb 2022

Weather Update


Beware the storm systems called Mass Formation Psychosis. Direct Link Feb 2022

Freedom is Unacceptable View?


The Canadian Truckers CAN'T Be Stopped! 50k trucks drive from Vancouver to Ottawa. Trudeau calls Canadians a small fringe minority. Trudeau thinks Freedom is an unacceptable view? We have a fringe minority government... Direct Link Feb 2022

Crypto Market Update


Crypto market analysis from Nick Merton. Is Bitcoin About To Drop 20%? Here's How To Prepare. Direct Link Jan 2022

Narrative Crumbling

JP Sears!

Awaken with JP! 16 Reasons The Narrative is Crumbling. Direct Link Jan 2022

Regulatory Capture

Dr. Pierre Kory

Profit before people. Not Safe. Not Effective. What would a pharmaceutical company do? Huge Number of Vax Deaths and It's Getting Worse. Greg Hunter interviews Dr. Pierre Kory. Uncovering the lies. Total corruption. Remsdesivir and Molnupiravir are toxic. Why is !vermectin purposely suppressed? Direct Link Jan 2022

Legislators Be Advised

Clif High

Continuity of Government (COG) Update. Tired of all the mandates? Tell your legislator(s). Bring up the volume on The Voice of the People. LetterToLegislators | Direct Link Jan 2022.

Joe Rogan Interviews Dr. Peter McCullough

Joe Rogan

YouT.ube Cen$ors Bombshell Joe Rogan Interview With Cardiologist Peter McCullough. Direct Link All of 2022 and 2023.

Prepare Now!

J Bravo

The real, hyper-active news we love! Here comes the rollercoaster ride. Direct Link Jan 2022.

White House Unity Message

JP Sears!

Christmas message from the White House Direct Link Dec 2021.

Signs You Are Dating a Narcissist

Ramani Durvasula

Signs You're Dating A NARCISSIST! (Watch Out For This) Ramani Durvasula and Lewis Howes. Do you feel like you are always walking on eggshells? Continually blaming yourself? Direct Link Dec 2021.

Forbidden Cures

Andreas Kalcker

Biophysicist Andreas Kalcker is saving nations. Why is every cure for covid forbidden by governments? Chlorine Dioxide is 100% effective. Direct Link Dec 2021.