Video Highlights

2021-A: Jan - June

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Repo Market Update

Hunter / Pento

Repo = overnight bank to bank loans. Michael Pento is a specialist in Austrian economics and is the President of Pento Portfolio Strategies. Prior to starting Pento Portfolio Strategies Michael has also created ETFs and UITs that were sold throughout Wall Street. He is the author of The Coming Bond Market Collapse: How to Survive the Demise of the U.S. Debt Market. Rumble Link June 2021.

Bix THETA Update

Bix Weir

Crypto Update: Want to 10X your Silver STACK? Buy THETA and TFUEL now!! Download and buy from Theta and Theta Fuel are about to make one of the BIGGEST MOVES in Crypto History and YOU are perfectly positioned if you have LOADED UP!! Alt Link June 2021.

We Lie To You News

Awaken With JP

Fauci Is Innocent! Biden Isn't Creepy. Alt Link June 2021.

BLM Truth

Rashad Turner

After a year on the inside, I learned they had little concern for rebuilding black families, and they cared even less about improving the quality of education for students in Minneapolis, Turner said in the video. That was made clear when they publicly denounced charter schools alongside the teachers union. I was an insider in Black Lives Matter. And I learned the ugly truth. The moratorium on charter schools does not support rebuilding the black family. But it does create barriers to a better education for black children. I resigned from Black Lives Matter after a year and a half. But I didn't quit working to improve black lives and access to a great education. Alt Link and Alt Link June 2021.

More Jaberoo

5 Holistic Doctors

5 Holistic Doctors Discuss What They are Doing to Protect Themselves from the Bioweapon Shots. Dr. Lee Merritt, Dr. Christiane Northrup, Dr. Carrie Madej, Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, and Dr. Larry Pavelski discuss what measures they are taking to protect themselves from the bioweapon shots and whatever those who took the injections are transmitting to those who have not. Alt Link May 2021.

VaxTransmission Conversation


Dr. Christiane Northrup gives new details on covid jab transmission, especially among women Alt Link Also see MedicalRacism May 2021.

Medical Weapon

Tenpenny / Merritt

Adverse reactions of blood clotting and more are not being disclosed to the public. Dr Sherri Tenpenny and Dr. Lee Merritt - The Medical Industry Has Now Been Weaponized. Alt Link April 2021.

Sidney Powell Confirms Assassination in Georgia

Open in Rumble


This vid banned on Yo.uTub-e. ...Sidney Powell drops another bombshell about the allegeld assassination of Kelly Loeffler young staffer she is referring to in the car crash was also Governor Brian Kemps daughters fiance. The communists were sending Governor Kemp a message concerning the recount in Georgia . Gov. Kemp complied... Alt Link March 2021.

What You Are Not Being Told


NOW network. Shot in the Dark. Dr. Sheri Tenpenny explains the cv19 Vax. The full details. The risks. Full explanation in understandable language. Alt Link March 2021.

Complex Currency System Wipeout Ahead

Adams / Rubino

Complex currency systems explained. Signs pointing to global currency wipeout. Complex systems, once they reach a point where they require more new energy than they produce to keep them from spinning out of control they are basically toast. There is no way to salvage them. The financial system hit the point a while ago. Now it is only able to keep going because we are pumping in so much new currency.... Safehaven assets: gold, silver and crypto! Alt Link March 2021.

Absolute Proof

Michael J Lindell

Election fraud proof. Share this far and wide. Censored on YoU.Tu-be. Alt Link Feb 2021.

72 Hours Later

Open Source News

Jan 23. Dem voters turn on Joe as GOP turns on Trump. Troops in Syria? Troops in Iraq? Joe the pro-war prez? Keystone pipeline cancelled. What is Joe up to? Alt Link Jan 2021.

It's All About Silver

Bix / Schechtman

Bix Weir from interviews Andy Schechtman of Silver Update. Silver price explosion coming soon? Understand the dynamics behind the silver price manipulation for the last 150 years. Silver is one of the most undervalued assets currently on the market. Red Alert! Silver/Gold Ratio Could EXPLODE to 1-to-1 Very Soon! Alt Link Jan 2021.

What Happened at the Capitol?

Steele / Parkes / Ward

A must listen. Robert David Steele, Simon Parkes, Charlie Ward. What happened on Jan 6th in Washington D.C.? Who will be inaugurated on Jan 29th? Three intel guys give deep insight into behind the scenes events. Alt Link Jan 2021.


Dark Journalist

Foundational hidden U.S. history since 1950. Absolutely essential listening! Dark Journalist X-series 73: Jim Garrison JFK NASA Nazis Permindex and more. Alt Link June 2021.

Vaxxidents and Xiden Admin Collapse

Hunter / High

Vaxxidents, Dark Agenda, Chaos, Xiden Admin Collapse. ...Internet data mining expert Clif High uses something he calls Predictive Linguistics, which sorts through billions of bits of information on the Internet to predict future trends and events... Alt Link and USAwatchDog Link June 2021.

Vote Shock Coming


Gen. Michael Flynn: The Next Four Weeks Will Shock Everybody! The latest on the stolen election. Rumble Link June 2021.

Vaccine Choice and Anti-Discrimination Act


First proponent hearing testimony for Ohio House Bill 248, The Vaccine Choice and Anti-Discrimination Act. Bitchute Link June 2021.

Expert Q&A

Jim Willie

Covering all the issues of concern. US dollar. Interest rates. Economics. Vaxinosis. Alt Link and Alt Link June 2021.

Spike Protein Trouble


CovidVax spike protein analysis. Pathogenic spike protein is circulating through the blood and accumulating in body tissue. Alt Link June 2021.

Trusted Health Authorities 2021

Awaken With JP

More jaberoo. What health authorities are like in 2021. Receiving information from figureheads that are your trusted health authorities and taking it on blind faith is the highest recommendation in 2021. Here's what that enlightened experience is like. Alt Link June 2021.

CIA UFO-Confusion Op

Dark Journalist

Special Report. All about the C1A's new operation designed to befuddle and confuse you. They've been at this for awhile. Alt Link May 2021.

When Does the Everything Bubble Pop?


When does the everything bubble pop? What is the order of events? We have a triad of bubbles: bonds, stocks and real estate. Listen at 26:30 minutes. More May 2021.


Clif High

From the predictive forecasting, data and computer software guru. Clif High on Bitchute May 2021.

Planet Lockdown

Austin Fitts

Follow the money. The world central bankers are trying to transition us to a new money system. Alt Link April 2021.

World Money Simplified


Biden's Last Throw of the Geopolitical Dice. The world island explained. The war of the hegemons explained. Hands down the best summary of current world economics from a world perspective. More April 2021.

Watch the Debt Market

Kaiser / Mannarino

The markets want to be managed. Artificial yield curve control? What will happen? This is by design. More March 2021.

Mr. Global Wants You!

Austin Fitts

Dark Journalist interviews Catherine Austin Fitts. How are we going to re-invent our vision of living by the Constitution? When the going-direct anti-human reset fails we need to be prepared to recover and rebuild a human society. More March 2021.

Biden on AirForce One?

Citizen Journalist

What's going on here? Check out the odd/unusual details and inconsistencies. Great citizen journalist! Red carpet for pressers and shabby carpet for Joe? More Feb 2021.

Bitcoin vs USD?

Alaisdair Macleod

Why is bitcoin going up? Bitcoin value going up is an expression of dollar value collapsing. When you spend more and more USD per bitcoin, it means the purchasing power of the USD is falling. ...the dollar is collapsing rather than bitcoin going up...this is a very important distinction to understand... Ditto for gold. The Next Market Crash Is Coming: Hedge your stock market / mutual funds / bonds with gold and silver. More Feb 2021.

It's Not A Vaccine

David Martin

It meets the CDR definition of a device, not a drug. It is a physical technology...It comes in the size of a molecular package. It is a synthetic pathogen, not a vaccine. It is a treatment. It is designed to make you sick. Vaccines are actually a legally-defined term... under public health law and... under CDC and FDA standards...80% of the people who get this injected into them have a clinical adverse event... Alt Link and Alt Link Feb 2021.

Final Countdown

Jim Willie

Understand what is happening behind the curtain. Expert global economics analyst Jim Willie talks to Jean-Claude. Alt Link Feb 2021.

Media, Money and Transhumanism

Liszt / Farrell

Liszt and Farrell discuss media narratives, money and transhumanist tactics. 29:30 minutes: a certain extent....they are trying to condition people to accept more and more egregious and outrageous narratives... Alt Link Feb 2021.

Take Back Op Starts

Ward / McKay

Taking back our Republic. Cen$ored on You_Tub-e. Charlie Ward and Scott McKay Reveal the Take Back Operation. God Wins! ...prepped for precision extraction ops in dem cities for @ntifa and b!m leadership... Bitchute Jan 2021.

Insurrection Act Signed

Jim Willie

Listen to this extraordinary geopolitical detective and statistical analyst. What is the current state of our nation? What is the state of our constitution? Corporation of the United States of America shut down in Feb 2020. Ignore the nose issues and basement backdrops. Part 2 - Jan 2021.

Human 2.0 Vaccine?

Dr. Madej

This is not a normal flu vaccine. There are new technologies involved. From August 2020. Human 2.0 ? A Wake-Up About CV-1984 Vaccine - Dr. Carrie Madej. Why is this vaccine high risk? Some factors include: Modified RNA, GMO Patents, Luciferase (bioluminescence), Hydrogel (hydrotechnology). Do your own research. Vid cens0red by Yo/uT-ube. Alt Link Jan 2021.

Bitcoin Market Update

Lehr / Jean-Claude

Dec 31, 2020. Will Lehr of talks with Jean-Claude about the cryptocurrency markets. Add Cryptos to your IRA at PerpetualAssets. More Jan 2021.