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Misner / Richer

Gerson Cancer Therapy. Using the Max Gerson Cancer Therapy with Nicholette Richer. [Allan Misner] [Gerson.org] Dec 2019.

Misner / Fallon

Nourishing Fats. Allan Misner interviews Sally Fallon Morell on the modern fat dilemma. Dec 2019.

Caspar Schols

Check Out This House. When a physicist designs a house. Dec 2019.

Alastair Macleod

Credit Cycle. Great credit cycle explanation from a master banker and master economist. Dec 2019.

Mike Maloney

It's the Cycle: Hedge Your Bets. Listen to the math and historical patterns. A different world is coming. Dec 2019.

Mercola | Rheaume

Vit K2: Calcium & Heart Health Dr. Mercol interviews Dr. Kate Rheaume on Vitamin K2 and the Calcium Paradox. Nov 2019.

Special Investigators

WW II Hidden History. Interview starts at 7:30 minutes. Dr. Joseph P. Farrell - Special Investigators (Stop 007) Dr. Joseph Farrell is a guest on Dr. Katherine Horton's new interview series Special Investigators. They discuss the spread of Nazi International after World War 2... Nov 2019.

More Coverup

ABC Epstein Coverup Epstein Coverup Exposed: ABC Anchor Admits Network Hid Evidence For Years. I've Had This Story for Three Years...(ABC) Would Not Put It on The Air says Good Morning America Breaking News Anchor, and 20/20 Co-Anchor Amy Robach. Nov 2019

Austin Fitts

Executive Briefing The one and only Catherine Austin Fitts. Why we are where we are. What's on her radar for world money flows. [Solari.com] Sept 2019

Chris Martenson

Pain or Insight or Both? The early warning systems are working. ...US equity markets are a government operated utility - change my mind... Economics is not a closed system. Chris Martenson interviews Ben Hunt on information theory and the 3 body problem. ...Psychology tells us we learn through pain or insight...Society is pretending its actions don't have consequences. It's badly mistaken... [PeakProsperity.com] Sept 2019

Bix Weir

Repo Market Freeze Explained The biggest money markets in the world: forex, repo, bonds, stocks. ...the repo market is going sideways right now...the repo market is where every...bank borrows money overnight...the longer the term...the higher the rate...it is a multi-trillion dollar market... Sept 2019

Bix Weir

Saudi and Derivative Banking Update The Saudi situation is about our global banking problem: ....$1.2 Quadrillion of Notional Derivatives Just Became Real!... Oil prices in USD go higher? Is this incentive to avoid the USD and pay for oil in Euros, CNY, RUB and GLD? Sept 2019

Joseph P. Farrell

Brexit analysis from Joseph P. Farrell. Remember that Britain is not a democracy. Britain is a Monarchy. ....if you were listen to the hysteria out there you would think that [Boris] Johnson has become a dictator with the Queen's help. This is not the case at all. Part of my narrative is what I think is going on behind the scenes...the contest between globalony and local economic nationalism.... [GizaDeathStar.com] Sept 2019

Reluctant Preppers

Understanding Interest Rates Alasdair Macleod, head of research for GoldMoney explains. Greater value is placed on something we own now. Are you really willing to pay more for something you may or may not own tomorrow? Meaning it has high-risk and you cannot own it today? 16:00 minutes ...with negative interest rates, there is a tax on your bank deposits...escape into commodities, and particularly gold and silver...interest rates reflect the time-preference of money...it is not a cost of borrowing... Aug 2019.

Trade War

Trade War Insight Is the trade war just rhetoric - emotional talk to get attention? Is the reality that we need China and China needs us? Fascinating trade insight from 12:30 minutes to 16:00 minutes. Aug 2019.

Greg Mannarino

Bond hiccups coming? 2 year / 10 year treasury inversion watch. Values in stock market are priced off of bond (debt) market. Everything derives value from what is happening in the debt market...... TradersChoice.net, Aug 2019.

Stephanie Seneff

Statin Deception A must listen! ...I will go out on a limb and say that eventually statin drugs will be shown to be the worst disaster in the pharmaceutical industry ever, even considering vioxx and hormone replacement therapy and thalidomide...... 3:00 minutes, ~ Stephanie Seneff, PhD [More on Statins] July 2019.

Lynette Zang

REAL ESTATE DANGER: Real Estate Cycle Shows Phase-3 Danger [ITM Trading.com] July 2019.

Stephanie Seneff

Why Statins Don't Work Patrick Timpone interviews Dr. Stephanie Seneff - What Statin Drugs Really Are and Why They Don't Work (2013). Stephanie Seneff, PhD, is a Senior Research Scientist at MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. Also, did you know this about cholesterol? June 2019.

Harley Schlanger

Behind The Scenes X22 Report. A must listen. Harley Schlanger is an expert at decyphering international politics. Koreas, China, Russia, now Iran...Why the endless war narratives? Why the tired russian collusion story is still being mindlessly repeated by U.S. news networks. Both dems and reps are involved. Why are we, the American People, letting the media divide us with false red/blue political narratives? [MarketSanity.com] June 2019.

Bix Weir

Deutsche Bank Drama Analysis starts at 3:00 minutes. ...In the 1990's the decision was made to set Deutsche Bank up as the Fall Guy for the Global Financial System Implosion....today we are closer to that moment than ever! 7:30 minutes: important Jerome Powell history. [Road To Roota.com] June 2019.

Earth Changes

Two Suns Update Under-reported news. Earth changes update. Two suns in our sky seen over Newyork February 27, 2019 [June Video from Brazil] June 2019.

Jim Willie

A must listen. Unreported data. Why secret meeting between Trump, Putin and Xi? Excellent independent analysis. Retirement of US dollar update. Jim Willie explains. ...multiple central banks... are swapping treasuries (US bonds) for gold bullion in their bank management system... ~ Hugo Salinas Price, 4:30 minutes. Explanation of Basel III, Dual Universe, Oil Analysis. Germany analysis 13:30 minutes. Saudi-Israel analysis 24:00 minutes. [Golden-Jackass.com] June 2019.

Bix Weir

Crypto market analysis. Who will you trust with your money? Trust math. Do you have some Litecoin (LTC) ? June 2019.

Claudio Arrau

Chopin - Variations on Mozarts La ci darem la mano, Op. 2, May 2019.

Dark Journalist

Electro-Gravitics History. Xtech with Electro-Gravitics Scientist Thomas Townsend Brown. 52:30 min: ..Sarbacher the physicist said Yes, we have a UFO file, a reconnaissance program, a crash retrieval program, a re-development program. On the record. Who ran it? Vannevar Bush. 60:29 min: Prospect for America - Kissinger/Wang, John Brennan connection. 2hr:10 min: Ancient ruins / energy field / hot zone of Cabo De San Antonio, Cuba. 2hr:25 min: Trump and the Space Force. May 2019.

Michael Pento

Massive Crash in Asset Prices. ...Japan has no growth. There is no growth in Germany. There is no growth in Italy. We have an earnings recession here in the United States... May 2019

Claudia Albers

Earth Changes Update. We're still holding steady. Interesting data on incoming planetary system(s). Pink and peach skies earth inside the atmosphere of a huge Planet X SC. One reason for wild weather swings? April 2019. Also see MrMBB333.

Westall / High

Fascinating Futurist Discussion. Fascinating discussion with many new elements. 12 - 20 min: Decentralized Bitcoin or a centralized FED?, sci-Fi world, high crimes, social order analysis. 20 min: Strange energies from space. [SarahWestall.com] April 2019.


Facts on Vaccines. Catherine Austin Fitts and Dr. von Boch. Dr Daphne von Boch: Unpacking the Facts on Vaccines [Solari.com] March 2019.

Realist News

Vaccine Update. WOW! Infanrix Hexa - 65 Toxins Found. All Risk. No Benefit [ Infanrix on Vaxxter.com] [Vaccines and Cancer on Vaxxter.com] March 2019.

Bix Weir

Crypto Update ...Did You Miss the Crypto Bottom?... Maybe. Bix Weir explains crypto market manipulations via high-frequency-computer-trading and future forecasts. Take your coins off the exchanges! [Road To Roota.com] March 2019.

Gerald Celente

2019 Trend Analysis. GDP vs Stock Market Valuations? ...can the central bankers kick the can one more time or will they lose control in the months ahead?... [Market Sanity.com] March 2019.

Mike Maloney

Market Fragility Analysis. GDP vs Stock Market Valuations? ...when the stock market is between roughly 50% to 65% of the economy, things are in balance....but once it runs past that 55%, stocks are over-valued. But when it runs up to 90 - 100%, now you are in bubble territory... [min 1:30] Feb 2019.

Bix Weir

Master Puppeteer Trump, the Master Puppeteer, Does it AGAIN! State of the Union analysis. State vs Fed Issues. Feb 2019.

Lynette Zang

Pattern Analysis. Zang follows the historical market patterns. ..two key tools that central banks continue to have. One is the ability to grow more debt...[and] regulate with those interest rates... JP Morgan said: Gold is money, everything else is credit. [ITM Trading.com] Feb 2019.

David Stockman

Undrainable Swamp? Peak Trump: The Undrainable Swamp And The Fantasy Of MAGA...David Stockman, is former congressman and budget director for President Reagan. [MarketSanity.com] Feb 2019.

Realist News

Most Powerful Investor You Never Heard Of. Hmmmm... they have their own VC (venture capital) fund?...really? [Realist News] Jan 2019.

Mike Maloney

What They Aren't Telling You. Why is the mainstream media ignoring the yield inversion? Mike Maloney explains at 7:20 minutes: ...because when the next recession happens, they (the FED) need to be able to lower rates by about 5%. That's what they did last time... [Gold Silver.com] Jan 2019.

Jim Willie

Expert explanations for where we are. Gold and Silver Moonshot, Bank Failures, QE to Infinity (Part 2)....very few people understand that the security protection for the Saudi Royals is provided by Israel... [Golden-Jackass.com ] Nov 2019.


The Truth About the Fed's Rate Cuts (Wait For the Final Frame) Base money analysis using Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis data, a private bank. [GoldSilver.com ] Nov 2019.

Martenson / Williams

The 1933 and 1971 Resets Wealth gap analysis...so far we have seen two major resets of the system. One back in 1933 when FDR confiscated gold and reset the system. And one in 1971. And again, at the root of that was a reset of the gold price because that is the anchor to finance and the financial system. (17 min) [PeakProsperity.com ] Nov 2019.

Martenson / Maloney

Everything Bubble Update End of the Everything Bubble - Mike Maloney & Chris Martenson (Part 1 of 3) [GoldSilver.com and PeakProsperity.com ] Oct 2019.

Bix Weir

Bailouts Are Started Red Alert! Fed Announces Permanent Bank Bailouts to Save the System. FED starts buying 60 Billion in bills starting next month. [RoadToRoota] Oct 2019.

Jim Willie

True State of US Finance Premier global financial private eye and early warning system. ...Want to know what you're NOT being told about multiple recent failed US bond auctions, the true state of our economy and the global economy...We have a failure of hyper-inflation to stimulate our economy...We are buying our own debt through derivative machinery... [Golden-jackass.com] Sept 2019.

Bo Polny

Explosive moves coming for Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Litecoin (LTC)? Time to look at the charts. [Gold2020ForeCast.com] Sept 2019.

James Rickards

Our Complex Global Economic System 8:30 - 12:00 minutes. Hedge your portfolio with silver, gold and Litecoin. Why? Listen to the expert who helped manage the 2008 crisis explain: ...if you double the scale of the system, you don't double the risk, you increase it by five or ten times...the system as a whole is much more vulnerable [than 2008]....It's the stability of the bigger system that one needs to worry about...the debt [from 2008] did not go away. It just moved from the balance sheet of the private banks to the balance sheet of the central banks... In other words, it moved from a national problem to a global problem. [Video] Aug 2019.

Steve St. Angelo

The Silver Price Surges Higher As Mine Supply Falls In Top Producing Countries: Peru, Chile, Mexico. [SRS Rocco Report.com] Aug 2019.

Realist News

UK Parliament minister says it like it is. UK MP drops bombshell on parliament regarding QE & Banking. Aug 2019.

Ben Swann

Google Political Bias? Google software engineer blows whistle on the tech giant's reported practice of blacklisting sites, manipulating searches and a host of other tactics to influence the public. Why does Google have immunity? [RT.com] Aug 2019.

Lynette Zang

Central Banks Are Preparing Are Central Banks Prepping for a Gold to Dollar Reset? ..Collapses happen slow and then fast... [ITM Trading.com] Aug 2019.

Bix Weir

Deutsche Bank Massive Write-Down Bix has 30 years' experience in the financial industry with various fortune 500 companies. He has worked closely with the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee helping to pull the curtain away from the Cabal of International Bankers that has taken control of our free market system. July 2019.

Daniel Nuzum

Anti-Cancer Properties of Fulvic Acid Fulvic Acid Miracle Cure Scares System! Great discussion includes anti-cancer and electrical properties of fulvic acid. July 2019.

Lynette Zang

Lynette is an expert at translating Jerome Powell, the Fed Chair. Remember that the Fed is reactive and the only thing they can do is print more money (debt), increase inflation, and go to negative rates. Fed Chair Comments on Gold Standard & USD World Reserve Currency. [ITM Trading.com] July 2019.

Dark Journalist

Advanced Ancient Civilizations Mystery of the Advanced Lost Civilization America Before the Global Cataclysm. 1 hr 12 min: ...great pyramid is scale model of northern hemisphere of earth on a scale of 1 : 43,200.... Daniel Liszt Presents Best Selling Ancient Mysteries Author Graham Hancock live in Cambridge. Dark Journalist.com July 2019.

SGT Report

Epstein Arrested Breaking News: **JEFFREY EPSTEIN ARRESTED** It's Happening! Finally. SGT Report.com July 2019.

Bruce Fife

Ketone Healing Fantastic interview. Ketones are ... like a super fuel...They provide more energy for the cells and they provide a whole range of health benefits... More on Ketone Healing June 2019.

Peter Gotzsche

It's not the doctors, it's big pharma. Peter Gotzsche, MD, Director of The Nordic Cochrane Centre, Exposes big pharma as organized crime. DrMcDougall.com June 2019.

Catherine Austin Fitts

How the Missing $21T Impacts You. ...Anybody who says this is not real, hasn't been counting...if we can give $29T to the banks when we have no legal obligation to... why can't we give $5T to plug the hole in pension funds?...why can't we give $1T to pay off the student loan debt.... [ 39 minutes] June 2019.


Consecration of the House Overture, Op. 124, May 2019.

Stephanie Seneff

Glyphosate + aluminum + mercury + glutamate = autism. Stephanie Seneff, BS, MS, EE, PhD. Roundup herbicide = glyphosate. What makes glyphosate so dangerous is that it is pervasive, cumulatively insidiously toxic...Glyphosate collaborates with toxic components in vaccines to destroy neurons...glyphosate contamination in the food sets up a leaky gut barrier and leaky brain barrier... May 2019.

Hunter / Polny

2 June DOW Crashes Coming? Hope for the best. Prepare for the worst. Hedge Your Stock Market Bets. Is July the start of a new financial era? May 2019.

Bo Polny

Crypto Forecast Gold2020Forecast.com. 9:00 minutes: BTC cycle high in May and drop in June? 10:00 minutes: LTC, BCH, DGB. Does cycle analyis outperform technical analysis? May 2019.

Rob Kirby

2008 Financial Crash Revisited? The Fall of LTCM and How Bear Stearns Became The Fall Guy In 2008 Financial Crisis. 20:09 minutes: Why Bear Stearns was chosen as the fall guy in 2008 financial crisis. 23:44 minutes: The Long-Term Capital Management debacle. May 2019.

Rob Kirby

Dollar Update. What You're Not Being Told About Gold, the USD and the Euro. Economic analysis. Global perspective. Dollar debt auction problems? Border narrative is really a dollar problem. Venezuela and more. April 2019.

Lynette Zang

Cash is King? The FED is out of tools. ...at the moment, cash is king....the question is, will this new quantitative easing (QE) that they (the Fed) are going to do, be like pushing on a string?... Why gold is a good long term insurance. [Market Sanity.com] March 2019.

Catherine Austin Fitts

Federal Accounting Chaos. Federal Accounting Now Meaningless. ...Federal accounting is now a national security issue...I think there is going to be a steady drum beat of support for the price of gold for some time to come... [Solari.com] March 2019.

Jordan Peterson

Individual vs Identity-Politics? Jordan Peterson: ...What do you think should happen in this polarized world if you are dealing with people who are being attracted by a pathological ideology? ...What i do is talk with them and say, Look, why not make yourself into an individual and get the hell away from the ideology?...Sort yourself out as an individual. [7:45 min] Feb 2019.


Polar Vortex Sky Phenomenon. Wow. Amazing temps. Amazing clouds. Man spots amazing display of Anticrepuscular clouds in eastern sky at 6:00 minutes Feb 2019.

Marius Landman

Predictive Power of Words. This is about changing your mind. Don't let negative people wear you down. ...Words have the power to control your future...Avoid responding to negativity, focus your energy on those who are positive. Words are extremely powerful... This is not about narcisist-me-thinking. Instead it's about healthy equilibrium. [Marius Landman] Jan 2019.

Zang / Griffin

Q&A: 401k, Bail-In, Bail-Out? Who provides gov econ data? 3:40 minutes: ...he recently was reading some stuff the ECRI (Econ Cycle Research Institute) puts out, who provides the data to governments and corporations...they [ECRI] were signaling a downturn and a DOW theory bear market confirmation... Jan 2019. [ITM Trading]

Jason Burack

Audit the FED Bill. Will big gov kill the bill? US Congressman Thomas Massie of Kentucky wants to audit the FED. Jan 2019.

Michael Pento

Stock Market Analysis. Austrian economic specialist Michael Pento signals an over-valued stock market. Cataclysmic drop in stock market is underway. 2:55 minutes: GE and General Motors propping up their own stock prices with free money from the FED. Get yourself some safe-haven assets: cash, hedges, precious metals, cryptos. Jan 2019.