2018 Videos: July - December

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Harley Schlanger

Deep State in Total Panic. Deep State Wants War: Brennan calls President a Traitor. Blockbuster interview. ...The people who are attacking Trump have made it clear from the beginning that their intention was regime change. To overturn the results of the election....Because Trump is doing what he said he would do. He is reversing the order, the post-cold war order....the key point that Senator Paul is making is that the option is heading toward nuclear war with Russia or talking with them... Let's Talk! SGTreport.com July 2018.

Harley Schlanger

The Global Rejection. Rejection of corrupt elites and banksters in Washington D.C., London and Brussels-EU SuperState who create wars (and refugee floods) to further their political agenda, monopolize the money system and keep nations in debt-slavery. July 2018.

Realist News

FL: Targeting of Random Black People REALIST NEWS - FL Police Chief told officers to pin unsolved crimes on random black people TheHill.com Police Targeting July 2018.

Bix Weir

SILVER Corruption Lynchpin? Silver ALERT: Glencore Under DOJ Investigation...FINALLY!! For close to 50 years the commodity/derivative market riggers have had a free pass from the long arm of the law....THAT IS NOW CHANGING! Get ready SILVER! Glencore, Metal Derivatives, Conspiracies & The End Game (2015). [RoadToRoota.com] July 2018.

Harley Schlanger

More Lies Exposed. V interviews Schlanger. Great libertarian analysis of strategic doctrines. Trump, Africa, Russia, China, CIA-FBI, EU, Yellow Jackets, etc. Dec 2018.

Bix Weir

2.75B Oz SILVER SECRET 2.75 Billion Ounces of Physical Silver...FOUND! Why doesn't the world know about this 2.75B oz secret silver hoard. Why doesn't every silver mining company talk about it? Why don't they teach it in school? Why? Why? Why? Dec 2018.

Bo Polny

Financial Shift In Progress. Great financial changes are occuring right now. Chart pattern analysis. [Gold 2020 Forecast.com] Dec 2018.

Lynette Zang

Yield Curve Alert. Why the 800 point drop in the DOW today? Emergency Pattern Shift: Yield Curve Just Inverted. Dec 2018.

Hunter / Austin Fitts

Massive DARK Money. Government Taking Massive Amounts of Money Dark. ...You cannot have a successful civilization with this kind of secrecy...I don't know why the government is shifting massive amounts of money out of the U.S. government and out of the U.S. economy and taking it dark... Nov 2018.

Hunter / Kirby

Keep the System Running. Massive Amounts of Dollars Must Be Fed into System or It Blows Up. Is it worth it? How do we de-leverage this to put in a real fix? Nov 2018.

Health Impact

Expert On Autism. Autism: 10 ways to make communication easier. A 4 Min Video From an Expert. Communicating with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). Oct 2018.

Realist News

CBD Oil Heals Stomach Cancer. Jsnip4 - Woman With Stomach Cancer Took Cannabis Oil - Guess what happened? [Jsnip4 on YouTube] Oct 2018.

Jim Willie

World Money Wars. Amazing detective work by statistical analyst, Jim Willie, Ph.D. Topics include: Deutsche Bank, Italian and French Banks, Petro Yuan w/ Gold Backing, Russia's Rich History Battling the Deep State, New Technology - JPM Horde Silver, Frankfurt Exchange, Blockchain Technology. [GoldenJackass.com] July 2018.

New Planet Video

Second Sun At LaGuardia Airport, NY. Clear video. Fast forward to 1:10 minutes to 1:40 minutes. Is an incoming new planetary system affecting our weather?...connecting the dots. July 2018.

A Plane Truth

Greece Attack w/ Directed Energy Weapons? These wildfires spring up in minutes out of nowhere and generate heat that melts car glass and engine blocks. July 2018.

Bix Weir

Alan Greenspan Alert ...Roota/Greenspan speaks of CRASH!... Interesting background information on Mr. Greenspan. [Road To Roota] Dec 2018.

Westall / Wanta

The Leo Wanta Mandate. Interview starts at 3:00 minutes. Leo Wanta explains a hidden episode in US history about recouping massive stolen funds. Fascinating disclosures. Listen and decide for yourself. Dec 2018.

Realist News

$3 Billion Pension Bailout?. Jsnip4 update: ...Lawmakers Leak Plan For $3 Billion Pension-Fund Bailout... [Realist News] Dec 2018.

Milton Friedman

Building a Good Society. Milton Friedman: We are all idealists. We all want a good society. But can we create a good society by force? Who decides what is moral? Should government decide on what is moral? Should media corporations decide? Don't we the people have a better compass and sense for this? Gov by the people and for the people? Dec 2018.

Keiser / Martenson

Banker Monopoly Problem. The cantillon effect: when you print paper money, it does not go to everyone. Where did the purchasing power come from? Savers and pensioners. ...Max interviews Chris Martenson of PeakProsperity.com about the economic gap created by central bank money printing and where it all goes from here as political instability rises.... ... [Peak Prosperity.com] Dec 2018.

Bo Polny

Cryptocurrency Update. ...Bitcoin Early Christmas 50% OFF FIRE SALE, December Surprise!... Surprise gold rush coming?... [Gold 2020 Forecast.com] Nov 2018.

Ken / Clif High

All About C-60. NASA is catching up....A discussion with Ken of C60 purple power about C60 and radioactivity and health... Nov 2018.

Joseph P. Farrell

Goldman / Malaysia Connection. Presentation starts at 3:00 minutes. Views from the Nefarium. Details on major investment bank corruption. Nov 2018.