2018 Videos: January - Dec

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Mike Maloney

Central Banks Get Special Laws ..We create a special class of people called bankers that get a special set of laws that apply to them only, where they can commit fraud and theft by creating brand new dollars. These are counterfeit, because any new fractional reserve lending, any new credit they create, and new base currency the Federal Reserve and Treasury create when they swap I.O.U.s, that's all fraud and theft.. [Gold Silver.com] Nov 2018.

Bix Weir

JP Morgan BUSTED!!! Go Whistleblowers!! Supervisors implicated. ...ALERT!! JP Morgan BUSTED for Rigging Silver Market!...[ ...i learned it from my bosses...]. Oct 2018.

Bix Weir

DeutscheBank Drama. ...Deutsche Bank Fails AGAIN w/ $42T Derivative Book Teetering.....10 years after the 2008 crisis the world's largest bank derivative holder STILL cannot recover.... Oct 2018.

Michael Pento

Over 50% Stock Crash Coming. ...The U.S. stock market is 140% the size of the economy. Normally, it should be 60% ....The nucleus of the bubble though is in the corporate bond market, Pento says..... Oct 2018.

V / Schlanger

Political Theater Update. V from Rogue News interviews special guest Harley Schlanger. Oct 2018.

Jim Willie

Currency Crisis Wildfire. Rogue News Special Guest: ...The Currency Crisis Is Spreading Like An Unstoppable Wildfire... [GoldenJackass.com] Sept 2018.

Mike Maloney

Taxes on Gold / Silver? Should Gold & Silver Investing Be Tax Free? Mike Maloney On H.R. 6790. Michael Maloney is a precious metals investment expert and historian. He is the founder and owner of GoldSilver.com... [GoldSilver.com] Sept 2018.

Richter / Kaiser

Meltdown in Argentina. Behold the NGO-IMF-BigBanx Chaos-Takeover Pattern: Create A Currency Crisis = Economic Chaos = Refugee Waves = Steal Natural Resources = Move to Next Country and Repeat...been doing it for years...All in the name of helping us out...But we are catching on... [Wolf Street.com] Sept 2018.

Mike Maloney

Wealth Cycles Explained ...The Case for $20,000 oz Gold - Debt Collapse - Mike Maloney - Silver & Gold... (2011) [GoldSilver.com] Sept 2018.

Hunter / Kirby

$21 Trillion Hyperinflation? ...When people realize instead of money supply being X, and it's really 10 times X, is everything going to be okay then?...That 10 X worth of money is going to be buying anything that isn't nailed down.... [USA Watchdog.com] Sept 2018.

V / Willie

Global Money War Update. V from Rogue News interviews Jim Willie, expert statistics and financial detective. [Rogue News] Sept 2018.

John Rubino

Catalyst for Dollar Collapse? Venezuela, Argentina, Turkey, and Pakistan all have currencies that are in crisis. Rubino is the founder and manager of the popular financial website [DollarCollapse.com] Aug 2018.


Dementia Reversal with Coconut oil in an 85 yr old at 35 days. Supposedly irreversible symptoms? Coconut is a unique, healing ketone food. Ketones are an alternative high energy fuel for brain cells. Aug 2018.

Hunter / Rubino

Greg Hunter interviews John Rubino. No Pain Free Option When You Borrow Too Much Money When the fiat currencies fail, will there be a chaotic reset or a responsible reset? More pain or less pain? [USA Watchdog.com] Aug 2018.

Dolan/Austin Fitts

Black Budget Money. ...As Catherine points out, this [$21 Trillion] is enough effectively to cancel the entire debt of the United States....This is an extreme financial situation....Where is this money going?....We are talking about building a civilization that is off-balance sheet.... Aug 2018.

Hunter / Mannarino

Sell-Off Potential High. The central bank product is debt, not value. FF to 14:00 minutes: ...like Alan Greenspan said...we can print enough money to pay back anything. We will never default...But we cannot guarantee the value....We can guarantee the digits, the dollars. But we cannot guarantee the buying power of the dollars... [USA Watchdog.com] July 2018.

Isaac Kappy

Pedophiles: Spielberg, Hanks. Fast forward to 6:30 minutes. Isaac Kappy Names Names. These allegations are not new. These people are evil. Actor-Writer Isaac Kappy reveals more pedophilia scandal details. [More at Santa Monica Observer] July 2018.

Westall / Clif High

U.S. is 40 Years Behind Russia in Physics with Clif High ..let's say we took all of the peer review journals printed within the American science system in 2017. 70% of the experiments cited could not be replicated. It doesn't mean they lie. But we could not duplicate the results...They are trying to push forward what would be good for them....There's a lot of bad science out there... Aug 2018.

V / Harley Schlanger

Real Immigration Solution: Rebuild South American Infrastructure. Fast forward to 8:50 minutes. Finally, a real solution to the immigrant waves from El Salvador and Honduras that hit Mexico where they create a domino effect of immigrant waves into the US. ...instead of saying we're going to shove a wall down your throat and send you the bill, the two of them are talking about a collaborative relationship to...deal with the immigation problem. And one of the ways that AMLO, the new Mexican President ...wants to deal with the immigation problem is by helping the countries, such as El Salvador and Honduras, to have some economic development. What was Trump's response? Great, let's meet and talk about it... [RogueNews.com] Aug 2018.

Lynette Zang

Bank Deception: Your Deposit Insurance? Get the details from an expert! Protect your wealth. [ITM Trading] July 2018.

Bix Weir

ALERT: SGT Report Banned on YouTube, Roota Interviews Deleted, History GONE! July 2018.

Greg Martenson

Wealth Transfer Coming. Martenson Explains The Shift from Business Cycle to Credit (Debt) Cycle. Financialization and banking in a healthy economy should occupy about 4%. The US is now at 40%. Pension discussion. USAwatchdog.com and PeakProsperity.com July 2018.

Joseph P. Farrell

Deep State: Age-Old Struggle ...The Deep State: Age-Old Struggle Between the Globalists and The Nation State...You are seeing leaders emerge in these countries that are interested in figuring out how do we transition to a multi-polar world [sovereign nations]... GizaDeathStar.com July 2018.

Rob Kirby

Central Bank Wars Explained. FED vs DeutscheBank. Central bank wars are heating up. Anglo-American (FED-Treasury) regulatory interests vs German (BAFIN) regulatory interests. Pro-Dollar Forces vs. Anti-Dollar Forces. Rob Kirby explains. Kirby is a macro-economic analyst and gold broker with many years of investment banking experience, including Bank of Nova Scotia. [USAwatchDog.com]. June 2018.

Joseph P. Farrell

Views from the Nefarium. So what is the Globalist EU Game? Fast forward to 13:00 minutes. Behold the EU security super-state: continual domestic warfare. EU Summit and Mr. Globaloney Agenda. Get your popcorn! Go Italy! [GizaDeathStar.com]. June 2018.

Jim Willie

World Money Wars. Jim Willie on the Hagmann Report. Global dollar monopoly update. Globalist deep state update. Western and Asian Mafias. [GoldenJackass.com]. June 2018.

Bix Weir

Which Cryptos Will Survive? Which cryptos can survive a hiccup, a shake up or a collapse. Not many will survive but some will THRIVE! Weir has 30 years' experience in the financial industry with various fortune 500 companies. [RoadToRoota.com]. June 2018.

Ben Swann

4 Things on OIG/FBI Report. 1. Comey Was Insubordinate, 2. FBI Agent Was Willing to Influence Election, 3. Five FBI Employees Referred For Investigation, 4. FBI Leaks and Gifts From Media. [Ben Swann]. June 2018.

Daniel McAdams

Who's Funding War Propaganda? Selling fear and enemies. Government, Media and Defense Contractors. ...Companies like YouTube, Google, Facebook, and Twitter are now judging - and banning - ideological content based on the guidance of really evil organizations like the Atlantic Council, Snopes.com, and the Southern Poverty Law Center... April 2018.

Chris Martenson

Crash Course on Wealth Preservation. Martenson explains the three E's of the economy, energy, and the environment and how they are interrelated The next twenty years are going to be completely unlike the last twenty years. PeakProsperity.com. June 2018.

Joseph P. Farrell

Nazi International, Part I. The Byte Show 2014 interview with Joseph Farrell. ...Physicist and Oxford educated historian Joseph P. Farrell continues his best-selling series of exposes on secret Nazi technology, Nazi survival, and post-war Nazi manipulation of various manufacturing technologies, economies and whole countries...Part II. Also see the Rise of the Borman Reich. June 2018.

Mike Maloney

Trade Wars - Who Wins? Does an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind? Recent trade war analysis: Canada and US. The cost of the trade war is never worth the jobs created...everything becomes more expensive... [GoldSilver.com] April 2018.

Univ News Media

Red Planet Visible! Fast forward to 5:00 Min. Red Planet Visible on Alaska FAA Weathercams. Why is western media prohibited from covering these celestial events? Is it beginning of New Era or End? Are 1000 years of peace coming? [Universal News Media] June 2018.

Jim Willie

Saudi Out of Oil. Statistical Analyst and expert geo-political detective Jim Willie details international wars and trade deals, including Ukraine, Iran and more. May 2018.

Science Self-Edu

Tesla Mag Levitation. Tesla tutorial. Free energy DIY magnetic levitation tutorial using the force of repelling magnets. May 2018.

Science Self-Edu

Tesla Magnetic Motor. Tesla tutorial. Free energy DIY project for self education on free magnetic motor power. May 2018.

Charles Hugh Smith

Intensifying Pension Crisis. ... [this] topic is suppressed by the mainstream media because there is no easy solution...the authorities in charge of the pension fund have tended to downplay it [a crisis] by claiming that they are going to make [payments] with very high returns on capital....many have built in assumptions of 8% yields... cities and counties and states are under legal obligation to fund these pensions at the rates that were promised to the pensioners...the only way out of these obligations is bankruptcy...many states have unclear laws regarding municipal bankruptcies... May 2018.

Univ News Media

Planet on FAA Weathercam. Signs and Wonders. Includes more weather anomalies. Is this causing the wild weather swings? Is this the end or the end or beginning of a new era? Are 1000 years of peace coming? More Rapture - Kingdom of God Here On Earth (New Era) Disussion. [Universal News Media] May 2018.

Deep State Coup

Bolton Fiasco. Harley Schlanger. Details on John Bolton: Listen from 1:00 - 3:00 minutes. Also updates on coup, Ukraine, Middle East. [RogueMoney.net]. May 2018.

Science Self-Edu

Tesla Free Energy DIY. Free energy Lightbulb! Do it yourself (DIY) Tesla learning project! Magnets, copper wire, etc. to power a lightbulb. Also see [different model]. May 2018.


Gold - Silver Explosion? Do you have insurance? 3 ounces of silver is only $60 USD. Will the price of gold and silver skyrocket in May-June? We wait and watch. [Gold2020Forecast] May 2018.

Oil Wars

Golan Oil. The Golan fields have more oil than Saudi. Just follow the money. Genie Gas and Oil is advised by names including Cheney, Murdoch, Roth$child... May 2018. [Universal News Media]

Univ News Media

New Planets on Alaska FAA Weathercams. ...2 planets: huge, striped fast-rotating on FAA weathercam! Frighteningly close to earth.... Is this adding to the wild weather swings? Are 1000 years of peace coming? [Universal News Media] May 2018.

Dark Journalist

Jim Garrison VS CIA Deep State UFO X-Protect ...unravel the forces that have put a lethal secrecy protocol in place called X-Protect to block access to the UFO File and maintain the oppressive dominance over the Covert X Technology. .... [DarkJournalist.com] May 2018.

Jerome Corsi

Jerome Corsi Current Events Update. Fast forward to 32:30 minutes. ....i want to explain what Pres Trump's plan is to get rid of Mueller, Rosenstein and to fire Sessions...all of whom are blocking an effective criminal investigation and full exposure of all the records in the criminal records in the Dept of Justice which would reveal the depth of the Coup d'etat that began, as I documented in Killing the Deep State, within the FBI ...Strozk, Page, McCabe... [32:30 - 35:00 Min]...Jerome R. Corsi, a Harvard Ph.D., with an investigative reporter and intelligence background has authored many books... [JeromeCorsi] May 2018.

Science Self-Edu

AMAZING: Man Lifts 20 Ton Block By Hand. A one-man engineering force! Creative thinking and a lot of elbow grease. May 2018.

Haven - Knight

Pentagon and Google Inc. ...Pentagon Holds Clandestine Meeting With Google, Then Boom! Their Employees Revolt.... ...Last August, U.S. Defense Secretary James Mattis made a journey to the West Coast and met with Google founder Sergey Brin and CEO Sundar Pichai.... Also see: NSA Spying Explodes: Over 530 Million US Phone Records Collected In 2017. [Lisa Haven News] May 2018.

Jim Willie

Dollar & Gold RESET Update. CJ interviews Dr. Jim Willie of the hat track letter that you can find on www.GoldenJackass.com. Dr. Willie breaks down the oil markets, the continued demise of the US dollar and shares his outlook ahead for gold.... [GoldenJackass.com] and [RogueMoney.net] May 2018.

SGT Report / Crokin

Sex-trafficking, Pedophile Update. The mainstream media will NOT report on human sex-trafficking or pedophiles in elite positions, many in politics and Hollywood, etc. Here are some of ...the latest developments regarding the round up of pedophiles, child traffickers and President Trump's mission to put an end to all of it. We also cover the strange and wonderful awakening of Kanye West... More documentation on Monarch-MkUltra. [SGTreport.com] April 2018.

Benjamin Fulford

US geopolitical dynamics, Koreas, Japan, Iran, Iraqi WMD's, Israel, White Dragon Society. Manufactured and utterly corrupt end of the world scenarios. [BenjaminFulford.net] May 2018.

Zach Bush, MD

Restore Your Gut Health. It Takes Guts; Dr Zach Bush on gut health, gluten sensitivity, and Clean eating. Healing from leaky gut and other intestinal problems. [Restore4Life.com and More About Lignite] April 2018.

Univ News Media

Celestial Orbs on FAA Weathercams. Alaska FAA Weathercams. ...What are these planets doing in our sky? Why isn't this in the news?... Planets you are not supposed to know about. Is this causing wild weather swings? Are 1000 years of peace coming? [Universal News Media] April 2018.

Wesley Clark

7 country, 5 year War Plan from 2007. ...if the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem has to look like a nail...Bush Administration planned to take out 7 countries in 5 years: Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Lybia, Somalia, Sudan, Iran April 2018.

Clif High

Crypto Investments. Review from crypto-guru Clif High. All excellent utility coins representing real services and products. April 2018.

Lynette Zang

MyDebt / Dollar Reset. ...If the US Dollar collapses, do other currencies also lose value? Do I pay off debt now or will the coming reset eliminate these debts? What about fixed rate and variable rate mortgages? What happens to stocks in a reset?... [ITMtrading.com]. April 2018.

Ben Swann

One Media Mouth? Many Anchors, One Message. Sinclair owns 173 stations in 81 markets. Only a few large companies control what you see on TV: General Electric, Time Warner, Walt Disney, Fox, Sinclair, Viacom. [NeatORama.com]. April 2018.

Dark Journalist.com

Nixon Disclosure. Dark Journalist interviews Robert Merrill, former undercover Huston Plan insider on his three meetings with Richard Nixon on ET - UFO disclosure. [DarkJournalist.com] April 2018.


Get Off Facebook. People, listen to Jsnip4 and get off of Facebook.... April 2018.

Univ News Media

New Planets Planets you're not supposed to know about, in full view on FAA weathercams. One of the reasons for the extreme weather patterns? Are 1000 years of peace coming? [Universal News Media] March 2018.

Lynette Zang

Bank Bail-In Q&A. What is a bank bail in? What types of accounts are bailed in? [ITMtrading.com] March 2018.

High & Westall

Media & Gaia Disinformation. Q-anon, Red pill updates, Health, C60 and Hydrogen Water. Paradigm change: What we used to consider disease is really an imbalance in our gut-biome. Jan-Feb 2018.

Double Sun in Canada

Universal News Media: second sun in Canada. Are 1000 years of peace coming? [Universal News Media] Jan 2018.

Harley Schlanger

Get the inside story. RogueMoney.net interviews Harley Schlanger on geopolitical analysis and neocon agenda. The neocons ...who beleive that the security of the United States depends on pitting nations against each other..... We are all so tired of this divide and conquer strategy. Neocon agenda to start a new war. Who benefits? The Globalist Corporate Oligarchy. Why are Rubio and Cruz so anti-China? Which way are Tillerson, McMasters and other operatives swinging? Jan 2018.

Clif High

Bitcoin to 60k in 2018! Crypto Guru, Clif High, provides amazingly accurate forecasts based on linguistic analysis, massive data mining and his own proprietary software. Media and Disney will be taking more big pedo hits - only seen the tip of the iceberg so far. Social order changes. Cryptocurrencies. New electrics, silver, gold, cryptos. WOW! HalfPastHuman.com Dec-Jan 2018.

Greg Hunter

They Will Indict Hillary Clinton Before February 1st 2018? Greg speculates that there may be military style tribunals coming to the United States, and this could lead to things such as former President Obama being the first former president to serve jail time...possibly followed by Bill Clinton and Bush. Both parties are corrupt. The Republocrats are the criminal republicans and democrats. Jan 2018.

Joseph P. Farrell

Vatican pedophila network part of global pedo network? This time in Chile. Control files - black mail leverage. Malachi Martin tie in? Vatican bank tie in? YourNewsWire.com: Police Seize Vatican Laptops In Largest Ever Pedophile Ring Bust. Aug 2018.

Joseph P. Farrell

Euro update from an expert geopolitical analyst. What's happening in Italy? Russia's new financial clearing system alternative to SWIFT. Sanctions workaround update. What is Brussels (EU Headquarters) doing? [Giza Death Star.com] Oct 2018.

Rob Kirby

Alternatives For System Failure. ....Alternatives Are Being Tested To Be Put In Place For When The System Falls On It's Own Sword... [X22Report Spotlight] Oct 2018.

Lynette Zang

The System Died, Reset is Coming. ....The escalation in pattern shifts.... is here! Seven interest rate increases by the Federal Reserve since Fall of 2015 and still the 30 year sits at 3.1? Oct 2018.

Craig Hemke

New Gold Cycle. GOLD: ....It's now moving in near lockstep with the Chinese Yuan... what if I could somehow fashion a mechanism where, as the the yuan (CNY) rises and falls against the dollar, the dollar price of gold rises and falls at the same percentage...would not that make the yuan move at the same rate as gold?.. [FinancialSurvivalNetwork.com] Sept 2018.

Greg Mannarino

Our Managed Market. The FED charges more for interbank loans (rate hike) - i.e. debt between banks becomes more expensive. In any free market the price of debt (10 Y Treasury Yield) should skyrocket. Instead, rates drop! Sept 2018.

Joseph P. Farrell

Views from the Nefarium ....There's interesting news out of Europe, and none of it is good news for Mad Madam Merkel or Mad M. Macron..... Budapest, Rome, Brussels, Berlin, Paris. [GizaDeathStar.com] Sept 2018.

Bix Weir

...Trump Fires Off SHOCK to Financial System...Right on Cue!!...Trump's latest massive Tariff Increase is right in line with China's destruction of the $40T Deutsche Bank derivative book. The plan is to DESTROY the old system and REPLACE it... [Road to Roota Videos] Sept 2018.

Mike Maloney

Dangerous F.O.G? The Financialization of Government. ...Join Mike Maloney as he discusses the dire consequences of what has been a wholesale takeover of the American free market system: the out-and-out Financialization of Government... [GoldSilver.com] Sept 2018.

Lynette Zang

Just Before the Crash? The 2 Patterns to look for. Historical analysis of prior crashes. Watch the hockey stick patterns and insider selling. [ITM Trading.com] Sept 2018.

Janda / Willie

Operation Freedom Interview. World events update by an expert financial, statistical and geo-political detective. A must listen. Aug 2018.

Lynette Zang

Inter-Fund Lending Spike. Learn how the casino works! Inter-Fund Lending Spike: Funds Bet the Farm USING YOUR NEST EGG Fast forward to 13:50 minutes to learn how advertising lingo is used to sell transaction limits. ...You may think your money is safe in a nice conservative-sounding money market or bond fund, but behind the scenes, nothing could be farther from the truth... Aug 2018.

Tiny Eco Homes

3D-Printer Housing Revolution? 650 sq ft. Safe, cheap, fast-construction-time. Under $4,000. El Salvador is building a test community. Aug 2018.

Brent Johnson

World Dollar Shortage Explained. Jordan Roy-Byrne interviews Brent Johnson of Santiago Capital. For more analysis see Understanding the Dollar Crisis by John Rubino. Aug 2018.

Wildfire Update

California Fire Disaster. Do You Know What Started The California Fire Disaster?... Normal fire burns at 1100 F, Glass Melts 2600 - 2900 F, Aluminum Melts 1220 F, Stainless Steel Melts 2700 F, Carbon Tools Melt 2600 - 2800 F. Items that DO NOT burn in typical house fires: jewelry, coins, steel filing cabinets, stone tables, tools, granite counter tops, glass doors. Aug 2018.

The Money GPS.com

Turkey Lira Crisis Escalates. Also see Turkey Lira Crisis. The biggest markets in the world are the Foreign Exchange (FX) markets. Is this payback for the Turkish Stream gas pipeline deal with Russia? Aug 2018.

Harley Schlanger

BRICS Summit in S. Africa. Xi, Putin and many others meeting at the BRICS summit. The western central bank finance system fails to finance development. It does not finance physical economy. The central bank model was created for private bank profit. [RogueNews.com] July 2018.

Bo Polny

New Era: Bitcoin and Silver. $600 Silver! ...New era of time involves no paper debt...we are standing at the doorstep of some major changes... Protect your wealth with gold, silver and cryptocurrencies which will be explosive! This will be an incredible year. [Gold2020Forecast.com] July 2018.

Paul Hellyer

Who Runs The World? And How They Profit. Paul Hellyer has been serving in the Canadian government since 1949 and at 94, he is the longest-serving current member of the Privy Council of Canada... [Forbidden Knowledge TV.net] July 2018.

Lynette Zang

Who Shapes the Law? Tech Giants. Includes insider trading analyis. The three main branches of government?...Lobbyists, Fund-Raisers and Media. Energy sector: for every $1 of buying, the insiders are selling $4422 worth of stock. [ITM Trading.com] June 2018.

Marius Landman

Bitcoin E-Wave Update. Trend and Elliot Wave analysis by Landman. 5 months of downward consolidation. Corresponding breakout forming on the charts. June 2018.

V & Harley Schlanger

World Events Update. From the boots on the ground. India, Pakistan, Japan, Russia, N. Africa, Germany update. ...the message for today really has to be you cannot win this fight by looking for the little battles...You have to go for a completely new grand design. And by that i do not mean a top down control. I mean a strategy which gives every nation the capability and opportunity to pursue its interest whithin the framework of a hamony with other nations. If that were to occur, it would not matter what this Anglo-American-Israeli-Saudi faction wants, they've lost... [RogueMoney.net] June 2018.

Lynette Zang

Italy's Silent Bank Run. Smart money is moving out of Italy. What are the bankers preparing for? Why does this matter to the general population? This risk transfer from the few to the many is happening ALL OVER THE WORLD. Private banks decrease their italian debt, while insurance funds and pension funds that pay out to the public are increasing their debt holdings that they will never pay out. This is how risk is transferred from the private banks to the public. How tax payers end up paying for bad loans. [ITM Trading.com]. June 2018.

Chris Martenson

Economic and Media Analysis. Economic updates. Greece, Illinois pension funds. Emotionally manipultive, misleading media. Remember there are alternative choices! Hedge your bets. Create a world worth inheriting with personal and financial resiliency. PeakProsperity.com [MarketSanity.com]. June 2018.

Univ News Media

Threats, Shut Downs of New Planet Videos. Video author threatened and FAA webcams in Alaska taken down because they are showing our new planets. [Universal News Media]. June 2018.

V & Harley Schlanger

World Events Update. G7, Asia, Russia. Monumental changes! Emergence of the Asian Century. Trump proposal to G7 to add Russia. Singapore success with Kim Jong Un for future peace process. Asian soveriegn nations working together. EU immigration changes. Western press deception. ...what the Italian government is taking the leadership in, is working with the Chinese to develop the countries where the refugees are coming from ... [RogueMoney.net]. June 2018.

Clif High

Crypto Forecasts and News. Patient, expert explanations from the crypto guru, Clif High at [HalfPastHuman.com]. Data collection process analysis and detailed coin analysis. June 2018.

Judy Mikovits

Viral Contamination of Human Vaccines. The Criminalization of Science Whistleblowers. Molecular biologist Judy A. Mikovits, PhD, recounts the story of how she ended up in prison after she blew the whistle on the viral contamination of human vaccines. Mikovits joins the HIGH ranks of doctors Wakefield, Tenpenny, and Laibow and many other courageous people. [ForbiddenKnowledgeTV.net] June 2018.

Bix Weir

2018 Global Financial Chaos Manifesting Now. Market and crypto analysis from Bix Weir. Bix Weir has 30 years' experience in the financial industry with various fortune 500 companies...Bix has dedicated his efforts over the last 15 years to exposing the long term manipulation of the gold and silver markets. [RoadToRoota] April 2018.

V & Harley Schlanger

Euro Zone & Geopolitics. RogueMoney.net interviews Harley Schlanger. Latest news in markets, politics & geopolitics. Meltdown in Euro zone. Italy's Lega and 5-Star have formed coalition for Sovereign Italy in opposition to Establishment EU Superstate debt-slavery. May 2018.

Bix Weir

China Embraces Cryptos. China's President Xi Says Blockchain Part of New Technological Revolution. Financial analyst Bix Weir recommends to diversify your portolio with LiteCoin. No one benefits from trade wars. May 2018.

Catherine Austin Fitts

Black Budget Control 101. Understand the Central Banking Warfare Model: ...so there is a brand new health care clinic and a brand new prison and a brand new criminal justice center in every county...the middle class is liquidated through the hospitals and the lower class is liquidated through the criminal justice system and both are drug systems...so the middle class is on pharmaceuticals and the lower income go to narcotics...but it's the same process... it's like someone was stamping out a model... a lot of it is pain management...why are so many people in physical pain all the time?... May 2018.

Ten Fold Engineering

Self-Building Dream Home ...automated modular constructions.... May 2018.

Mike Maloney

5 Signals of Vicious Recession. Excellent chart analysis by Mike Maloney. ...Remember that a recession is a trailing indicator...the Federal Reserve has to have 2 consecutive quarters of economic contraction before a recession is declared... We find out after the fact. [GoldSilver.com] May 2018.

Deep State Coup

Brennan to Grand Jury? Bill Still - Joe DeGenova: ...We know that Hillary Clinton was illegally exonerated, we knew that a year ago...We know there was a substantial effort to frame the President of the United States..[with FBI involvement]... [TheDailyCoin.org] May 2018.

Sarah Westall

C-60 Stops Macular Degeneration. Fascinating electro-mag frequency discussion. Fast forward to 27:30 for C60 Blindness Study discussion: ...Dr. Loretta's eye condition, which was heading towards complete blindness, has reversed course and has begun to heal. The first known case in the world to reverse the effects of age based blindness using C60. More on C60 May 2018.

Michael Pento

Economic Depression Coming in 2018-2019. The predictions are happening. The bond-credit bubble is sending out a serious warning signal: the yield curve is inverting. ...the Fed is raising [the federal funds] rates not because we have a growing economy but because they have to get far enough off of zero to give them room to lower rates once the next recession becomes manifest... May 2018.

Gen Wesley Clark

7 Countries in 5 Years War Plan Includes Iran. ...They just made [2003] the decision to go to war with Iraq.... if the only tool you have is a hammer, every problem has to look like a nail....This is a memo that describes how we're going to take out seven countries in five years, starting with Iraq, and then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and, finishing off, Iran.... May 2018.

Science Self-Edu

Test Your Own Anti Gravity Device. Anti Gravity (Electro-Magnetic Levitation) From Household Items. Buy a disposable clam shell phone and give it a try! May 2018.

Dr. Tenpenny

Vaccines 101: BIG BUSINESS. Presentation starts at 7:20 minutes. The Industry of Vaccination. In 2000, vaccines were a $5 Billion/year industry. In 2018 vaccines are a $54 Billion/year industry. Are they really effective? Who profits? May 2018.

Bix Weir

Operation Crypto Crush. In late 2017 a covert operation was carried out by large financial entities to make the price of Bitcoin both quickly rise significantly and then crash violently. This was planned and orchestrated... Learn more about cryptos from Bix. May 2018.

Two Suns

Two Suns in Sao Vicente Brazil. Why no mainstream media coverage? May 2018.

Lynette Zang

How Long is the Fuse? The Wick Has Been Lit: How Long is the Fuse? Analysis of insider trading, the significant pattern change in the 10 Year Treasury Bond market and Deutsche Bank as the hub of international banking. [ITMtrading.com]. April 2018.


Fulvic and Humic Transform Health. CareyLyn Carter, Biochemist and founder of Mother Earth Labs discusses the benefits of Humic and Fulvic and her own healing process [MotherEarthLabs.com] April 2018.


Great HS Answering Machine. Priceless. We need a whole lot of schools to gain this attitude. April 2018.

Gerald Celente

Ignore Fake News. You won't see this in the news: ...continued rises in rates...that is what the markets are freaking out about...we don't believe there's going to be a trade war, there's going to be a trade re-adjustment.... Watch GOLD. [MarketSanity.com] and [USAwatchdog.com] April 2018.

Jerome Corsi

Understanding Common Media Narratives. From Lional Nation 3/23/18. Mind Boggling, Earth Shattering Interview. Deconstructing common narratives. March-April 2018.

Univ News Media

Inbound Celestial System. Planets you are not supposed to know about. Are 1000 years of peace coming? More amazing images and videos of the inbound celestial system from the Alaskan FAA weathercams! [Universal News Media] [What is Eternal Life?]. April 2018.

BBC Radio Scotland

STAGED Chem Attack? ... Former UK Ambassador to Syria [Peter Ford]: Syrian Chemical Weapons Attack Was STAGED By Islamic Jihadi Propagandists, No One Actually Died.. The sources claiming there was a chemical weapons attack are pro-Islamist jihadi propaganda outlets.... More: Russia claims white helmets staged Syria chem attack. April 2018.

Jihadi Video Sample

Jihadi Studio. Jihadi video production to blame on Assad. ...when the alarm sounds, action, lights, camera... Follow the money trail - who is paying? April 2018.

LA Marzulli

The Nephilim Trail. Elongated Skulls and Skeletons of Peru, Pikes Peak Prophecy Summit.(2015) LA Marzulli tackles this very ancient, yet very modern phenomenon. LA Marzulli is a wealth of knowledge and presents the most likely key part in this inter-dimensional puzzle.[LA Marzulli Blog] April 2018.

Richard Dolan

False Flags. Confusion by Design. False Flags Explained. More from Richard Dolan: History of Deception. [Solari.com] April 2018.

Paul Craig Roberts

The 2000 Neo-Con Coup. The Neo-Con policy statement: ...Nothing counts except Washington's hegemony...the principle goal of American foreign policy is to prevent the rise of any other power, especially Russia, that could serve as a constraint on American unilateralism.... [ 7:20 min] [TheDailyCoin.org] April 2018.

Karl Denninger

Facebook Scandal. ...the real scandal is that every time you go to a website anywhere on the web that has a Like button or a Facebook sign-on button, it doesn't matter whether you signed-in or not, it doesn't matter whether you consented or not, ...that data is being sent back to Facebook.... [13:20 min] [MarketSanity.com] April 2018.


Convex Earth Truth Documentary. The Dakila Scientists measure the earth and it is not a globe. Welcome to the New Earth. [ConvexEarth.org] March 2018.

Lynette Zang

Insider Trading Analysis. ITMtrading.com. Oh SNAP! Insider trading analysis. Banks are no longer lending to each other? What does it mean? Feb 2018.

Joseph P Farrell, PhD

The Rudolf Hess Mess, Nazi Secrets, & Antarctica. April 2018.

Lynette Zang

What Types of Gold Will Protect Me and How Much Do I Need? Q&A With Lynette Zang and Eric Griffin. ITMtrading.com Feb 2018.

Bix Weir

Road to Roota.com Crypto update! Davos, google, theresa may, pedo jimmie saville and bitcoin? Are the corrupt global big banks trying to slam cryptocurrencies? No big surprise there. Learn more about cryptos from Bix. Jan-Feb 2018.

Alasdair Macleod

...the problem i think, that the dollar has is that in 2018 it will begin to be replaced by the Chinese Yuan as a trade settlement currency...this contract [Yuan for Oil-Gold] they have wanted to introduce for the last 3-4 years or so...effectively we are calling time on the dollar being the unit of pricing for all traded commodities around the world...it is getting to the point where they [China] cannot delay [the contract] anymore, simply because if they do not do the contract, someone else will do it... Jan 2018.

Jim Willie

Elijah Johnson of Finance and Liberty interviews Jim Willie, Premier Financial Detective for a geopolitical update. Unlimited amounts of dollar printing are causing the world-wide banking reserve system to fail. ....you cannot end a 45 year reign of the petro-dollar in a single year of events. You need a long sequence of events, you need to integrate them, you need to stress test them, you need to roll them out....promote their usage... The financial corruption is coming to an end: ...any nation in the last 15 years that thought it would be a good idea to trade or sell oil and do so in anything but the dollar has had their leader killed, their nation attacked and their economy pretty much ruined... Jan 2018.