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Mike Maloney

Time to Prepare. Turn a Crisis Into Opportunity! Get ready for deflation - hyperinflation and a MONETARY RESET. Hidden Secrets of Money, Ep 6

Zang / Mannarino

FED Insanity. FED is paying the BigBanks more interest to hold reserves (rate hike). Bitcoin mania. Rigged markets. FED buying bonds, suppressing rates, so investors moving to stocks. Do not buy stocks/bitcoin on margin (loans). Dec 2017.


UFO disclosure of so called extra terrestial presence has just happened on prime time TV. After 60+ years of waiting! F18 Navy Pilot gives details. You would think this would wake up the Nation, Community Centers, Churches, Temples/Synagogues. More on the Nephilim Trail (Genesis 6) and War in the Heavens. Dec-Jan 2018.

Jim Willie

Extraordinary Financial Detective. No sugar coating. Dying Petrodollar Update, Gold Trade Note, What Our Press is Not Telling Us, Euro Currency and Stolen Chinese Gold, Vatican and Basel. Asset-backed Cryptocurrencies? Nov 2017.

Max Keiser

Welcome to the dual monetary universe. Bitcoin and gold side by side. Contention between gold and bitcoin doesn't need to be there. Bitcoin Will Be Like Moses for Gold, Liberate Metal To $5,000.

Understanding Bitcoin

Great cryptocurrency tutorial. Curious Inventor: How Bitcoin Works Under the Hood

Craig Hemke

We're Being PLAYED by Bankers and Media. Gold update. Fraudulent economic data update. Nov 2017.

Clif High

CRYPTOS VS. BANKERS [The Bankers Are Losing] One of the best intros to cryptocurrencies. July 2017.

Roger Ver

Roger Ver tells Bloomberg news why Bitcoin Cash is the Future back when it was only $450 each. Sept. 2017.

Mike Maloney

Alarm Bells Ringing for Stock Markets. Same 2007 pre-crash pattern is repeating in Gold-Silver. Also see the The Everything Bubble, Code RED. Oct 2017.

Bix Weir

Cryptocoin update! BTC target $6800, then pullback. Beware the alligator teeth. Coin info on: BTC, ETH, LTC, SALT, PPT, VERI. Oct 2017.

Lynette Zang

IRA, 401K - They're All At Risk! Anything in the banking system is at risk. Lynette Zang explains why your assets could be at risk of falling into a financial black hole. She says, If you don't hold it, you don't own it. Sept 2017

Jim Willie

RogueMoney.net WashDC sanctions against German companies. Arab Spring movements backfire on Wash. Saudi low on oil. Iran gas pipeline. China and ARAMCO. US isolation. King dollar reset. Aug 2017

Harley Schlanger

Trump UN speech. Clapper and Comey Lies on Wiretapping. US media manipulation. Update on Fed, BOJ money printing (QE) and more... Sept 2017

Alasdair MacLeod

Everything's Coming Up China. New Oil for Yuan Futures Contract. China is booming and taking the rest of the world with it, except for the US that is. The US has isolated itself. Sept 2017

Lynette Zang

ITMtrading.com How Stocks and Commodities are Manipulated. Evidence of Manipulation. Stock Market Correlated 93 Percent With Central Bank Money Creation. 2017

Lynette Zang

The Next Financial Crisis Will Wipe Out Most Paper Assets. July 2017

Catherine Austin Fitts

Is Blazing Nuclear War Imminent? Follow the Money...

Catherine Austin Fitts

Trump Needs a War Team and the End of the Debt-Growth Model.

Jim Willie

Rogue Money.net interviews extraordinary financial detective Jim Willie who follows the global money trails. Biggest financial event in a generation is here, the PetroYuan RMB oil contract. Iran's economic situation. Arab entanglements explained. Narco entanglements explained. More at the GoldenJackass.com Dec-Jan 2018.

Bix Weir

Christmas crypto update 2! Hold on during the roller coaster. Big bankster interventions in crypto markets. Beware the scams. Beware Ripple. Big money moving in. Screaming Buys: SALT, VERITASEUM. More Bix Vids Dec 2017.

Alasdair Macleod

Click Here to Listen to the Interview

The Crucial International Perspective On the PetroYuan. Get Ready for A New Monetary System. One of the key stories for 2018 will be the emerging petroyuan.

A word to the wise: hedge your [paper] portfolio (savings account, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, certificates) with cryptos (Litecoin) and physical and vaulted gold and silver. Dec 2017.


Q-ANON BOMBSHELL: Debbie Wasserman-Schultz ORDERED Seth Rich's MURDER. SGT Report.com, Jerome Corsi and others provide details. More at SGTreport.com Dec-Jan 2018.

Lynette Zang

Something nasty this way comes. Are you bombarded by daily reports of the stock market hitting record highs. The insiders are selling! Real data indicates massive market instability. Nov 2017.

Dark Journalist

CIA insider exposes: JFK killed over the alien presence. Daniel Liszt interviews Douglass Caddy, attorney for the Watergate burglaries, also Howard Hunt and Gordon Liddy. FFW 2:05 Caddy asks Hunt why was John Kennedy assassinated? (2015 Inverview)

Jsnip4 Realist News

CBD oil and Coconut oil CURE seizures. More info here. REALIST NEWS - State Threatens to Kidnap Girl Cause Parents Cure Seizures with CBD in a legal state.

Craig Hemke

The Economy Is One Big Scam And This Is Why. 90% of the volume on the New York Stock Exchange is now HFT computers swapping positions back and forth to each other. Nov 2017.

Harley Schlanger

RogueMoney.net, Russian collusion narrative that has failed and now revealing the actions of HRC and the DNC. Trump's upcoming visit to China. Derivatives. Oct - Nov 2017.

Catherine Austin Fitts

Deep State Globalists Want to Destroy U.S. Constitution. Oct 2017.

Chris Martenson

Peak Prosperity.com Biggest Story Not Being Discussed: De-dollarization Update. China Opens Yuan Based Futures Market for Oil. Venezuela No Longer Accepting Dollars for Oil and more. Sept 2017

High / Westall

Internet censorship in America, May 2017.

Harley Schlanger

Rogue Money.net Charlottesville Antifa, KKK all infiltrated by the FBI since mid-70s, Both sides controlled by FBI. Uniting Sensible Americans. Regime Change Attempt: Deep State Trying to Oust Trump, Aug 2017

Catherine Austin Fitts

Controlled Demolition: We Need Our $40 Trillion In Stolen Cash Back. July 2017

Maloney / Clark

Mike Maloney and Jeff Clark, GoldSilver.com, DATA ALERT: Stocks Will Take DECADES TO RECOVER, S&P Index vs Gold for 20th century. July 2017

Lynette Zang

Next Market Meltdown Means Frozen Financial System. July 2017.

Zang / Hall

Lynette Zang and Rory Hall, Crypto Coins. Central Banks Need Inflation. Banking Deregulation. 1997 Peak Debt in a Debt-Based System. Legitimate Derivatives vs Speculative Derivatives. Stock Buybacks. Market Crash Patterns. Pensions. July 2017.

Michael Pento

The bond bubble.

Jim Willie

U.S. Treasury bond dumping and the new money system, Nov 2016. Possible pension fund capture discussed, fwd to 30 min.